Natural Weight Loss


Natural weight loss occurs when your body burns more energy than it is supplied with. What I mean by that is that food is the body’s energy source. That is what the purpose of food is basically. Energy is measured in calories so I’m not advocating a calorie counting diet for you when I use the word “calorie”.


The body burns that energy with every movement. Reach up and scratch your nose and you have burned some energy. Our bodies’ burn energy even without movement. Our brains alone burn about 400 calories a day just thinking. We burn calories when we sleep.

If you ever watch sporting events, you might have heard sportscasters tell you that a participant in a bicycle race can lose up to 10 pounds just during the race and that is true. Some of that weight loss is fluid but most athletes know to replace lost fluid. Most of that weight loss that the sportscasters are talking about is actually caused by the body burning stored fat because the athlete is burning more energy than he is consuming.

Nobody reading this is likely to be one of those athletes who can burn 10 pounds of weight off while riding a bicycle, swimming or playing football but this is natural weight loss. Natural weight loss means burning more calories than are being consumed through food and drink over a 24 hour period without the aid of pills or surgical procedures.


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